The Cornell Store Presents the Espresso Book Machine

What is the Espresso Book Machine?

The Espresso Book Machine® (EBM) is a cutting-edge printing solution which, at the push of a button, prints, binds, and trims a bookstore-quality, "perfect-bound" paperback book from a digital file. The EBM produces full-color covers and grayscale interior text and illustrations in any font, style or language, opening up a world of possibilities for readers and self-published authors alike.
Self Publishing    
      The EBM is a powerful tool for self-published authors who want professionally printed copies of their own books. It allows for flexibility in trim size, book length and quantities produced, so you can tailor your printing to suit your needs.  And because we're local we're able to provide hands-on support to help make the dream of publishing your own book a reality.
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Print on Demand

In addition to enabling self-published authors realize the dream of seeing their own book in print, the EBM can source books from its proprietary EspressNet® software, which is a digital catalogue of content. The catalogue includes in-copyright titles now made available by publishers such as HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, McGraw Hill, Hachette, and MacMillan, to name just a few (with more to soon follow). EspressNet® also offers titles in the public domain (out-of-copyright) which have been made available as PDF scans through their partnership with the Google Book project. 


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